NOTE: Any comments to improve this writing will be appreciated; just send your comments here, or make your own corrections to the text below. If one has difficulties using the email list in any webmail or email application then do let us know so that the correct email format can be provided on this website.

This Wikia site includes numerous articles with lists of assorted email addresses. Some email programs like Yahoo! require that the email addresses be entered as a long row with delimiters (such as commas) or spaces between the email addresses.

Yahoo allows approximately 50 email addresses to be sent at one time. On the other hand, Gmail allows a maximum of 500 emails to be sent at one time. Gmail will not allow more than 500 emails a day to be sent from the Gmail program during one 24 hour period. If you attempt to send 1 more email after sending 500 emails, Gmail will not allow the ONE email to be sent until 24 hrs have expired.

Email programs similar to Gmail require that the email addresses be entered in column form without delimiters or with delimiters (such as commas or semicolons separating the email addresses). Yahoo and similar email programs require that email addresses be listed as a long row, with comma or semicolon delimiters between the email addresses.

Most of the lists of email addresses on this site are entered as columns of email addresses without delimiters. However, because of how the Wikia software works, the email addresses are displayed as rows with carriage returns in most cases. To see the column versions of these email addresses, just click on the tab at the top of any page labeled "Edit this page". In the edit mode, the addresses will appear as columns.

Just copy and paste the email addresses in column form into the Gmail "To", "CC" and/or "BCC" fields. When the BCC field is used, the recipients of the email will only see their own email address, with all other addresses in the BCC field being out of view of the addressee. However if the CC field is used, the addressee will see ALL email addresses entered into the CC field of the email message.

To use an email program like Yahoo! that requires a row of email addresses, separated by delimiters. In this case, the delimiters (such as commas) can be inserted by hand. However, one can use a word processor to enter the delimiters. In a word processor use the "FIND and REPLACE function as follows:

a) In the FIND and REPLACE entry box FIND 'depress space key' and in the find/replace box enter a comma. This will replace all spaces in the collection of email addresses with a comma delimiter.

After this is done, the list of email addresses can be entered into the email program "To", "CC" and/or "BCC" fields.

A very helpful free program for separating email addresses from other text is called "Identify emails". It can be used to produce lists of email addresses from the pages of this wiki, suitable for pasting into a bcc field. The "Identify emails" program is available for download at [1].

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