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Elector, At Large

Robert O'Brien

50 Maple Street

Peaks Island, Maine 04108

Phone: 207-766-5555

Elector, At Large

Tracie Reed

214 Brackett Street #1

Portland, Maine 04101

Phone: 207-409-0459


Elector, First Congressional District

Jill Duson

101 Pennell Avenue

Portland, Maine 04103

Phone: 207-878-0769


Elector, Second Congressional District

Samuel Shapiro

4 Pray Avenue

Waterville, Maine 04901

Phone: 207-872-5820


First Distrcit Second District Mark J. Ellis Joshua A. Tardy Augusta Newport

At-Large At-Large Karen H. Raye Katherine L. Watson Perry Pittsfield


First District Second District Anthony Zeli Julie Sawtelle Portland Litchfield

At-Large At-Large Bruce Gagnon Patricia LaMarche Bath Yarmouth


First District Second District Laurie G. Dobson Glenn Visser Kennebunkport Montville

At-Large At-Large Nancy Oden Nicholas Pellenz Jonesboro Portland


First District Second District Jill Duson Samuel Shapiro Portland Waterville

At-Large At-Large Robert O'Brien Tracie Reed Portland Portland

CONSTITUTION PARTY (Write-in Candidate)

Firstt District Second District Michael J. Jose Donald G. Jacques Kennebunk Livermore Falls

At-Large At-Large Donald L. Folkers Edward M. Libby Newcastle West Gardiner

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