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We do not specifically “vet” the eligibility of the candidates as you have asked, but we do have a bill before the 2009 Legislative Assembly in which we are asking for a modification of the Affidavit of Candidacy form so it can include the following statement, “I have reviewed the requirements to hold office and I certify that I am qualified to serve if elected.” The candidate would then be signing this statement and their signature would be notarized. As I’m sure is true in all states, it is illegal to make a false statement on a government form.

Jim Silrum

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Please see the new wording (underscored wording identifies new text) of section 10 of SB 2319. You can find this bill at: The bill received a unanimous do pass out of committee and should be heard on the Senate floor this week. If it receives a do pass vote from the Senate, it will then be passed over to the House to go through committee for a vote and then on to the House floor for a vote. If there are any changes in the House, then it will go into conference committee. Final action on the bill will need to be taken before the end of session which will happen in April. If the bill passes, it will take effect on August 1 of this year.


Jim Silrum

ND Deputy SOS

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