Ohio resolutionEdit

Diane Fessler

(513) 845-8428 (513) 845-3550 FAX

Ohio senateEdit

Steve Buehrer (R) 1st

Capri S. Cafaro (D) 32nd

John Carey (R) 17th

Gary Cates (R) 4th

Kevin Coughlin (R) 27th

Keith Faber (R) 12th

Teresa Fedor (D) 11th

Bob Gibbs (R) 22nd

Karen Gillmor (R) 26th

David Goodman (R) 3rd

Timothy Grendell (R) 18th

Bill Harris (R) 19th

Jim Hughes (R) 16th

Jon Husted (R) 6th

Eric H. Kearney (D) 9th

Dale Miller (D) 23rd

Ray Miller (D) 15th

Sue Morano (D) 13th

Tom Niehaus (R) 14th

Thomas F. Patton (R) 24th

Tom Sawyer (D) 28th

Tim Schaffer (R) 31st

Joseph Schiavoni (D) 33rd

Robert Schuler (R) 7th

Kirk Schuring (R) 29th

Bill Seitz (R) 8th

Shirley Smith (D) 21st

Jimmy Stewart (R) 20th

Nina Turner (D) 25th

Mark Wagoner (R) 2nd

Chris Widener (R) 10th

Jason H. Wilson (D) 30th

Vacant (D) 5th

Ohio assembly email addressesEdit

Ohio senate email addressesEdit


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