These are components of this project (not necessarily in this order)

  1. Assign states; try to get one or more participants in each state
  2. Assign complete dates
  3. Find the names and contact information for legislators in the State legislatures to target
  4. Send out draft legislation
  5. Include penalties
  6. Require vetting to be done 18 months or more ahead of time
  7. Encourage legislators
  8. Petition to recall or impeach members
  9. Research state laws on this issue
  10. Steve Marquis' form idea
  11. Ask for committment letters? To post office box in state?
  12. Complete list of State secretaries of state and election commission official responses
  13. Ask state legislators why they did not vet candidates properly.


  1. signs on trucks and buses and in subways
  2. internet advertisements
  3. viral videos
  4. media magnet pro
  5. scientific polling (university? commercial? partly volunteer?)
  6. artificial person not able to participate in politics
  7. elected representatives sign contract
  8. skype networking
  9. email to fax systems

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