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States with a score of 3Edit

In an effort to try to identify states which are more likely to pass legislation, all those states with Republican governors were listed at Republican states. A state was given one point for having a Republican governor, and one point for having a Republican State Senate and one point for having a Republican State Assembly. States in which the administration, and both houses were controlled by the Republicans were given a score of 3 points, and judged to be more likely to pass legislation.

States with pending legislationEdit

  1. North Dakota legislature
  2. South Carolina legislature
  3. Utah legislature

States without pending legislationEdit

  1. Florida legislature
  2. Georgia legislature
  3. Idaho legislature
  4. South Dakota legislature
  5. Texas legislature

States with lower scores and pending legislationEdit

  1. Arizona legislature
  2. Colorado legislature "Initiative Withdrawn Prior to R&C Hearing" Source
  3. Ohio legislature
  4. Oklahoma legislature
  5. Pennsylvania legislature

Other states with contact informationEdit

  1. Alabama legislature
  2. Alaska legislature
  3. Arkansas legislature
  4. California legislature
  5. Connecticut legislature
  6. Hawaii legislature
  7. Iowa legislature
  8. Kansas legislature
  9. Kentucky legislature
  10. Louisiana legislature
  11. Maine legislature
  12. Maryland legislature
  13. Minnesota legislature
  14. Mississippi legislature
  15. Missouri legislature
  16. Montana legislature
  17. Nebraska legislature
  18. New Jersey legislature
  19. New Mexico legislature
  20. New York legislature
  21. North Carolina legislature
  22. Tennessee legislature
  23. Vermont legislature
  24. Virginia legislature
  25. Washington State legislature
  26. West Virginia
  27. Wisconsin legislature
  28. Wyoming legislature

Other states with incomplete contact informationEdit

  1. Delaware legislature
  2. Illinois legislature
  3. Indiana legislature
  4. Massachusetts legislature
  5. Michigan legislature
  6. New Hampshire legislature
  7. Ohio legislature
  8. Oregon legislature
  9. Rhode Island legislature

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