Rodney "Pete" Anderson R H10 Laramie

George Bagby D H15 Carbon

Joseph Barbuto D H48 SW Fremont/Sweetwater

Rosie Berger R H51 Sheridan

Stan Blake D H39 Sweetwater

Dave Bonner R H25 Park

Bob Brechtel R H38 Natrona

Kermit Brown R H14 Albany

Edward Buchanan R H04 Goshen

James Byrd D H44 Laramie

Richard Cannady R H06 Converse

Seth Carson D H45 Albany

Pat Childers R H50 Park

Roy Cohee R H35 Natrona

Cathy Connolly D H13 Albany

Bernadine Craft D H17 Sweetwater

Kathy Davison R H20 Lincoln/Sublette/Sweetwater

Ross Diercks D H02 Niobrara/Weston/Converse/Goshen

Amy Edmonds R H12 Laramie

Ken Esquibel D H41 Laramie

Mike Gilmore D H59 Natrona

Keith Gingery R H23 Fremont/Teton

W. Patrick Goggles D H33 Fremont

Mary Hales D H36 Natrona

Timothy Hallinan R H32 Campbell

Debbie Hammons D H27 Washakie

Steve Harshman R H37 Natrona

Elaine Harvey R H26 Big Horn/Park

Peter S. "Pete" Illoway R H42 Laramie

Allen Jaggi R H18 Uinta/Sweetwater

Peter Jorgensen D H16 Teton

Jack Landon R H30 Sheridan

Thomas Lockhart R H57 Natrona

Thomas Lubnau R H31 Campbell

Michael Madden R H40 Johnson/Sheridan

Robert McKim R H21 Lincoln

Del McOmie R H54 Fremont

Erin Mercer R H53 Campbell

Saundra Meyer D H49 Uinta

David Miller R H55 Fremont

Lori Millin D H08 Laramie

Glenn Moniz R H46 Albany

John Patton R H29 Sheridan

Frank Peasley R H03 Converse/Platte

Bryan Pedersen R H07 Laramie

Owen Petersen R H19 Uinta

Frank Philp R H34 Fremont

Lorraine Quarberg R H28 S Big Horn/Hot Springs/SE Park

Jim Roscoe D H22 Lincoln/Sublette/Teton

Mark Semlek R H01 Crook/Weston

Lisa Shepperson R H58 Natrona

Colin Simpson R H24 Park

William "Jeb" Steward R H47 Carbon/Albany

Tim Stubson R H56 Natrona

Matt Teeters R H05 Goshen/Platte

Bill Thompson D H60 Sweetwater

Mary Throne D H11 Laramie

Sue Wallis R H52 Campbell

Dan Zwonitzer R H43 Laramie

David Zwonitzer R H09 Laramie


Jim Anderson R S02 Converse/Platte

Eli Bebout R S26 Fremont

Bruce Burns R S21 Sheridan

Cale Case R S25 Fremont

Henry H.R. "Hank" Coe R S18 Park

Stan Cooper R S14 Lincoln/Sublette/Sweetwater/Unita

Ken Decaria D S15 Uinta

Dan Dockstader R S16 Lincoln/Sublette/Teton

Floyd Esquibel D S08 Laramie

Gerald Geis R S20 S Big Horn/Hot Springs/SE Park/Washakie

John Hastert D S13 Sweetwater

John Hines R S23 Campbell

Rick Hunnicutt R S05 Laramie

Kit Jennings R S28 Natrona

Wayne Johnson R S06 Laramie

Bill Landen R S27 Natrona

Grant Larson R S17 Teton/Fremont

Marty Martin D S12 Sweetwater/Fremont

Mike Massie D S09 Albany

Curt Meier R S03 Goshen/Platte

Phil Nicholas R S10 Albany

Drew Perkins R S29 Natrona

R. Ray Peterson R S19 Big Horn/E Park

Tony Ross R S04 Laramie

John Schiffer R S22 Sheridan/Johnson

Charles Scott R S30 Natrona

Kathryn Sessions D S07 Laramie

Charles Townsend R S01 Crook/Weston/E Converse/Niobrara/NE Goshen

Bill Vasey D S11 Albany/Carbon

Michael Von Flatern R S24 Campbell

Wyoming email addressesEdit


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